Creative Writing

E xplore some of my more creative or personal pieces here. Here you will also find the introduction to my book of essays, Telling the Treasure: Reflections, Essays, and Anecdotes from a Backslidden Mystic, written as my master’s thesis project at Fuller Theological Seminary. Please note that many of these pieces were written under my maiden name, Joy Moyal, before I married Robert Thompson in December 2011. Read my informal musings on my blog, or my micro-essays on Instagram.

Telling the Treasure: Reflections, Essays, and Anecdotes from a Backslidden Mystic

I wrote Telling the Treasure as my Master’s thesis project in partial fulfillment of the requirements for my Master of Arts degree in Theology and the Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Below is a synopsis, the introduction to the book, and a link to where you can buy Telling the Treasure. […]

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Originally published in Offerings, a literary anthology published through Fuller Theological Seminary’s the Semi in October 2011. To read in an online version of Offerings, click here. Anna: A Pilgrim Story Legend has it that in the year 1263, a Bohemian priest traveled to Rome to resolve his doubts over the doctrine of transubstantiation—whether or […]

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Pilgrim’s Shoes: A Poem

Originally published in the Semi’s Winter 2011 issue entitled “A Contemporary Travel Guide.” To read in the Semi online, click here. Pilgrim’s Shoes I put on pilgrim’s shoes But they don’t fit. My feet pinch and blister As I study frescoes and question Francis. Did you hurt yourself so God would show up? I can’t […]

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